Travel to Shimokitazawa

I decided that I would like to visit the place which Banana Yoshimoto described so carefully.

4.17, 2018

Colin Schälli
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Recently I read a book called Moshi Moshi written by Banana Yoshimoto. It’s a story about a young Japanese girl which lost his father. He and his mistress began suizide in a car somewhere in a Japanese forest. After this tragedy she moved to Shimokitazawa. There she started his own adult life.

The book was very well written. I could make it to read it within 8 hours. And I decided that I would like to visit the place which Banana Yoshimoto described so carefully.

I took the subway and it was grimly travel. Only few people where in the train – it was Sunday, normal for Tokyo.

Arrived in Shimokitazawa I went to a coffee shop, drank iced coffee and a chicken sandwich.

I walk trough the streets and I captured some fragments and I made a portrait of a Japanese high school student. He just came out of his volleyball class with two girls which were kind of fans of him. Few minutes later a past by a glove which I photographed too. I saw a seat and other things.

Shimokitazawa was interesting, the aaliya had speakers which played classic music.


I went once again to the coffee shop for refreshing and than I decided to walk to Shinjuku for another portrait.  A walked by many Stands and dropped into a restaurant were I drank a white wine which tasted like Swiss apple wine.

Later, in Shinjuku arrived I photographed house descriptions until I found the right person to make a portrait. He looked like a Japanese grandfather and I guess he is a friendly person. He was super sympathetic.




Shimokitazawa and Shinjuku are totally different with different citizen.

In Shimokitazawa there are few foreigner but in Shinjuku there are many of them, photographing light signs, selfies etc. But both wards are in fact places to visit and to explore.


  • Colin Schälli

    Colin Schälli *1980 in Chur, raised in a bakery, studied architecture and industrial design, no he is living in Tokyo as art director, designer and artist.